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i was completely taken back by how fantastic this game is. bravo for making something unique and spooky. 

Thank you for your kind words :)

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Besides joining others in praising the game for its engaging combination of horror elements and game mechanics (with its Silent-Hill-esque atmospheric horror, and actions within both the real and arcade worlds influencing eachother), I'd like to state that I personally sense potential for an entire horror game series/franchise built around these Janitor games, not unlike Five Nights At Freddy's, Bendy and the Ink Machine, and Poppy Playtime.

Perhaps any future installments of this game series/franchise would feature exploring through various abandoned settings (such as a games store, an apartment complex, or an office building) in order to track down cartridges for a whole series/franchise of these haunted "Janitor" games, along with appropriate consoles to play them on (such as on the Atari 2600, NES, SEGA Genesis, PlayStation, PC, GameBoy, GameBoy Advance, and even mobile phones to name a few), and with them, an expansion of the lore (perhaps told by audio recordings and/or notes) behind the horrifying presence that's been inhabiting these games, and luring in and devouring any victims that play them (such as, for example, the original game developer, after finishing programming the arcade game, tragically having his soul sacrificed and made into the titular "Janitor" character by evil cultists, whom he had made a deal with the devil with during game development, only for a profit-seeking corporation to then acquire the IP for the Janitor arcade game after the developer's mysterious and suspicious death/disappearance, and use the Janitor IP to develop further Janitor games on various platforms, and through these games, spreading the curse even further)?

Heck, I could even see potential for an ARG to arise, if there's interest in developing more games in the same universe as Janitor Bleeds.

Oh, thank you for your feedback. And thank you for the new ideas :)

Late reply, but I'd also like to add that, before learning about this game, I had been a fan of such Creepypasta-inspired games as Slender: The 8 Pages, SCP: Containment Breach, and Siren Head, along with some Creepypasta stories like the Godzilla NES Creepypasta story, and I find that this game has a similar feel to those Creepypastas, though isn't necessarily one (at least to my knowledge).

So different and creative!!

FINALLY played...It was amazing < 3 

I picked this up on Steam, but it runs like garbage there for some reason, when it ran the Itch demo version just fine. It looks like I'm not the only one with the issue. I made sure to have my laptop pick the dedicated GPU, which usually fixes stuff like massive frame drops, but no luck. Any suggestions?

Yeah it ran like garbage for me too. I refunded it as soon as I exited the game.

I got it in a bundle from another site, so no refund for me. At least it didn't cost much to begin with. :/

This was Amazing, I had so much fun, and the puzzle was challenging to work out what I needed to do next. The fact that you can interact with items into the game arcade cabinets, really made for a unique puzzle mechanic to change the game world. 

Even the boss battle at the end was fun, gaining access to arcade guns to take down a giant monstrous mass, it was so cool.

Loved every minute of the game, especially in the level design, you did an incredible job at interconnecting the rooms back together the arcade fely massive until I looked at the map in the secret room and saw how the layout was put together.

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This Game was a breath of fresh air compared to other indie horror games! Loved how you used the arcade machine to get past levels. PLUS the 80's style is amazing, love these old arcade vibes. My video on the game -

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Great job on this game mate beautifully made! Can't wait to see your future cause this game was BUSIN!

you went a little bit overload for prize

Absolutely Loved this game! This is part 1 and I love how you play with the arcade machine to get through to the next level! Keep up the good work
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I really enjoyed this terrifying experience and the story of "JANITOR BLEEDS".  

One Issue/Problem I'm Having:

I need some help on how to access the good ending. Thank you in advance!


I absolutely love this game.  Very interesting the use of the arcade machine as a mechanism within the game to unlock puzzles.  Incredibly atmospheric too.  I found the Entity creature very scary, loved both the look and sound effects too.  Absolutely awesome.

Jugué esto para un video y la temática del juego es simplemente genial y muy original, la ambientación es lo mejor y esta muy escalofriante, tuve algunos problemas de lag pero espero se solucionen optimizando el juego, si quieres ver que tal está este juego, pásate a ver mi video.

I played this for a video and the theme of the game is awesome and very unique, the scenario is the best and its very scary, I had some lag troubles but I hope they will be solved by optimizing the game, if you want to see how the game is, check my video.

Is that carpet based on a real one because I'm sure I had a rug with that exact same look when I was a kid in 92-93 or thereabouts.


I remember enjoying the demo a whole lot. Now that the full release is out, I can honestly say that I'm enjoying the hell out of it so far. It's a refreshing alternative from your average and overdone horror game experience, which is always a must have. Well done, dev!


Honestly, what started as a solid demo, you turned into a very quality full experience! I loved all the interesting mechanics that were sprinkled into what originally looked like "just another indie psx". This game was great fun, thanks for giving us a fresh experience!

Full Play No Commentary 


So far.. loving the atmosphere and the game theme. Kept dancing to it haha! Great so far, amazing puzzles. here is part 1. 


[Gameplay en español]

The game is wonderful in every aspect! It has a disturbing and very interesting backstory. Good job :D

Muchas gracias

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I did not know what to expected after playing the demo from HauntedPS1 but it piqued my attention when I played the compilation wondering what gonna be from this little piece of art.

And I was right, the full version didn't disapoint me, furthermore it delivers  quite entertaining gameplay and interesting lore to discover. A little short and yet decent game.

BTW the music from the "Game Machine" have this wierd mesmerizing effect like from some kind of old movies or something which draw your attention, great job.


Thank you for your kind feedback :)


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Aside from some technical issues, this game is great! Fun, scary, and a lot of originality as well, which is hard to come by in horror games these days. 

Been waiting for the full release since playing the demo a year ago and it didn't disappoint! 

The only criticisms I can give are about the aforementioned technical issues, the framerate dropping while turning too quickly was the worst by far. But fix that up and you've got an awesome horror experience here!


We are glad you liked it. Your issues with framerate are heard. We are fixing it and the patch is coming up later this week. 


I highly enjoyed this one!

Thank you for the video!


Janitor bleeds only mayor flaw is its unstable frame rate that hinders the players experience. Beyond that, Janitor bleeds intricate story, visuals, music and sound design create a mystery horror experience that is expertly executed and that offers horror fans a solid experience that they should not miss out on. For this reason I recommend Janitor Bleeds.


Link to my non-spoiler review:

Thank you for your recommendation. We found something which fixes framerate issue. Patch will come live soon. 


My preview enjoy 

Tahnk you :)


It's finally out!! I've been waiting a year for this since playing the demo.

Congratulations Dev! Thanks for making games!

Was it worth of wait? ;)


I enjoyed my time at the evil Hemo's Arcade! A nice blend of stealth, action, puzzling, and even some old school Atari-esque fun. The atmosphere is fantastic and the story unfolds at a nice pace as you go along. Give it a shot!

Here's my no-commentary playthrough:

Thank you for your thumbs up :)

Quite welcome!


great game